Escada Taj Sunset Eau de Toilette


There are so many floral perfumes to choose from that sometimes it’s nice to go for something a bit fruitier instead! This Escada Taj Sunset Eau de Toilette is definitely one for fans of fruity fragrances.

Escada Taj Sunset Eau de Toilette

Escada is a luxury fashion and accessories brand that has made a fashion statement on the perfume scene with their light and flirty summertime fragrances.

I’ve loved wearing this cute little 4ml Escada Taj Sunset Eau de Toilette; it has an uplifting fruity fragrance and oozes summertime vibes.  The full size EDT retails for about £27.00 for 30ml.

Top Notes: Alphonso Mango & Blood Orange.

Middle Notes: Watery Blossom, Sweet Primrose, Raspberry.

Base Notes: Coconut Cream, Musk, Sandalwood.

It’s a lovely blend of complimentary sweet and fruity fragrances. The aroma of zesty orange and tropical mango comes through first followed by a blend of juicy berries and creamy coconut which is reminiscent of being on holiday and sipping a cocktail on the beach!

The top notes come through first but also disappear first. The middle and base notes develop slightly later but they linger for the longest.

The amount of oil in a fragrance usually determines its lasting power. As this is an eau de toilette and not an eau de perfume, the staying power isn’t the best but it still lasts for a few hours. In fact, I’d say it does last longer than the average EDT. This lasts for up to 5-6 hours and the average EDT probably lasts for about 2-3 hours. I’d still recommend reapplying this every few hours though to keep the fragrance topped up.
Escada Taj Sunset Eau de Toilette

This is a delicious fragrance and I think it has such a good mood enhancing and reviving on me every time I use it!

This might not be something I’d wear absolutely everyday but it is literally the only fragrance I’d want to take on holiday with me. I think it’s such an inspiring fragrance that’s also ideal to wear anytime you want to get that ‘summertime feeling’!

Have you tried any perfumes from Escada? What fruity summer perfumes would you recommend?

Miss BS xo

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