Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream

Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream

The M&S Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream seems to have garnered a lot of positive mainstream press attention recently thanks in part to a Times article by columnist India Knight published earlier this year. Unbelievably, even as I blog today, over 3 months later, this cream is once again out of stock online!

So, how did I come to possess this rare and possibly magical, unicorn-like product I hear you ask? Well, Last Christmas, my sister bought me the Marks & Spencer beauty advent calendar for my birthday. It was an amazing gift and full of wonderful goodies. This Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream was just one of the twenty five products inside.

M&S Beauty Halls

I’ve noticed that M&S seem to have revamped their beauty department in recent years. They now sell a huge range of premium branded products together with a large selection of own brand alternatives.

The M&S beauty line is quite exciting to me as it offers quality products at a more affordable price than the premium brands. I think a lot of people may prefer to remain loyal to their tried and true brands but I love exploring cheaper alternatives.

Another good thing about the entire M&S beauty range in general is that it is leaping bunny certified cruelty free, which is sadly still a rare thing these days dispite the 2013 EU ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics.

This Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream costs £22 for 50ml. This isn’t exactly a budget product but comparitively speaking, it’s less pricey than a lot of the more luxe brands. I have a 15ml mini size that works out at about £6.60 worth of product.

This cream makes big claims about waking up to younger looking and well rested skin. It claims to plump out wrinkles and reduce the appearence of age spots with regular use over 2 – 4 weeks. I think this cream does plump up and re-condition tired, dehydrated skin with it’s deeply hydrating formula. It’s rich but not oily and absorbs pretty well leaving a just a slight, silky veneer on the skin. This slight film is actually an intentional feature as it works all night long, much like an overnight face mask!

The Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream is inspired by Japanese style sleep masks. These are basically face masks that you wear overnight and wash off in the morning.

While I’ve experienced some benefits from using this cream, I’ve also started to notice a few dry and irritated patches of skin emerge which is typically how my skin reacts to a lot of brightening ingredients. This cream doesn’t really cause me too many problems as the active ingredients are in small quantities but I think I’ll use this every other day from now on and see how that goes.

This is a pleasant product to apply, with only the slightest hint of subtle fragrance; it’s also paraben free. It does contain the preservative phenoxyethanol though which some clean living people usually prefer to avoid.

This is suitable for vegetarians.

It’s worth noting that it contains beeswax so isn’t suitable for vegans.

Miss BS xo

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  1. Rachael Dickinson says: Reply

    This sounds like a great product! Will have to keep my eyes open for it!
    Rachael xox

    1. A sleep mask is such an unusual idea isn’t it?! But it kinda works ? I’d recommend giving it a go if you get the chance xx

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