Frugal Friday: Cocoa Nivea Lip Butter

Cocoa Nivea Lip Butter

Frugal Friday: Cocoa Nivea Lip Butter

Psssst….If you want to find out how I managed to get my Cocoa Nivea Lip Butter for over 50% off the usual retail price, this is the post for you as I will be revealing how I was able to buy this for only £1!

Nivea Lip Butters are some of my favourite lip balms ever because they’re a saviour for dry/parched lips. I can still remember when they first launched over 4 years ago; the first flavour I tried was Raspberry Rose and I was actually lucky enough to have won in a Twitter giveaway from The Sunday Girl!

A lot of lip balms aren’t that effective but I always notice the benefits of using Nivea Lip Butters. They’re richly creamy and the formula is seriously moisturising. They also last for ages so there’s no need to constantly reapply.

Looking at the ingredients list, it’s always good to see a range of natural oils in addition to more chemically sounding ingredients; I’ve noticed that some lip balms these days contain exclusively synthetic, artificial ingredients.

Frugal Friday: Cocoa Nivea Lip Butter Ingredients

Beauty Bargain

Nivea Lip Butters are very affordable, usually retailing for around £2; exceptional value for a big pot containing 16.7g of product. I know that there are better lip balms out there from the likes of brands like Nuxe and Lush but here at, we’re all about looking good on a budget so I can’t help but want to rave about these as they’re so good for the low price!

I felt inspired to make a Frugal Friday post about this little lip balm because I actually picked this up from Poundland! That means that it was an even bigger bargain than usual and that’s the secret behind how I managed to pay so little for it!

What budget lip balms would you recommend I try next?

Miss BS xo

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