Suti Nourish Face Oil Review

Once upon a time, face oils would have terrified me! My skin can get pretty oily and I used to think why the h*** would I want to use a face oil on my oily skin?! Nowadays, I’m a face oil convert! So, what’s changed and what are my thoughts on this product? Find out in my Suti Nourish Face Oil Review…

Suti Nourish Face Oil Review

This Suti Nourish Face Oil is intended as an overnight treatment; working the nightshift while you sleep to renew skin cells!

One of the great things about this oil is that it balances the production of sebum and calms blemished skin. This is quite unusual for a face oil because they’re usually targeted towards people with dry skin. It’s nice to see this has something to offer people with oily/blemished skin.

Key ingredients are: Avocado Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jasmine and Patchouli. Amazingly, 99% of the ingredients are organic too.

Even though this is just a 4 ml trial size sample, I’m so impressed to see that it comes in a glass bottle and has an eye dropper for application, just like the full size product! The glass helps to retain the product integrity as there’s less risk of chemical contamination from the plastic. It’s also nice to see that the bottle is made of dark glass to prevent ingredient breakdown as a result of light exposure although strangely, I think the full-size version actually comes in a clear glass bottle!

This scents of essential oils and particularly the patchouli and Jasmine really come through creating a relaxing, aromatherapy like fragrance.

The texture of this oil is smooth, it applies easily and absorbs quickly.

This is probably most suited to people with dry skin or people with skin that needs a moisture surge every now and then. I do think that for people like me who have skin that can be oily and acne prone, this might be a bit heavy for daily use. But as a few times a week treatment, this is a great overnight boost.

The Suti Nourish Face Oil is handmade in England.

Final Thoughts…

I think that this is a lovely face oil with something to offer all skin types. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised and hydrated.

Have you tried any face oils?

Miss BS xo

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