50p Car Boot Sale Bargain 

If any of you lovelies have followed my blog or YouTube channel for a while, you’ll probably know I love a good car boot sale bargain. Today, I picked up this Next jacket for £0.50p (and a brand new pair of curtains for only £3!)

50p Car Boot Sale Bargain Jacket

I’ve always loved a nice jacket as I think it’s such a wearable piece of clothing and I like the way a jacket can add a bit of panache to even a basic jeans and t-shirt outfit. I also think that jackets are very flattering for almost all shapes and sizes. I think a good jacket can radiate confidence and despite them being a modest piece of clothing, I still think they can give off a subtle allure. Does anyone else think that less is more sometimes?

I love the pattern on this jacket, it’s almost baroque style with such ornate decorative details. It also  has lovely 3-tiered sleeves that are another nice little touch.

50p Car Boot Sale Bargain

The pockets are fake and there aren’t any buttons so there’s no option to button this jacket up meaning it can only be worn open. That’s fine though, this is a fashion piece after all, not a practical business wear jacket!

Happy thrifting!

I’m very happy with this buy, the style is quirky and very me.  I wanted to share this little bargain with you today as I would highly recommend taking a look around your local car boot sales / thrift shops and even Ebay as you never know what little second-hand bargains you may find.

And remember, just because this jacket isn’t new, it is ‘new to me’ which means that I get to have all the usual fun of clothes shopping, for a fraction of the price!

50p Car Boot Sale Bargain


What do you think of my 50p Car Boot Sale Bargain Jacket from Next? Have you picked up anything from a boot sale recently? #carbooty

Miss BS xo

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2 Replies to “50p Car Boot Sale Bargain ”

  1. Rachael Dickinson says: Reply

    Great savings! I love a car boot sale too!

    Rachael xox

    1. Thanks Rachael! Car boot sales are so much fun, especially in the Summer xx

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